Creative. Inspiring. Challenging. Fresh.


Shasta Rock Club's goal is to provide members with excellent routes that are aesthetically inspiring, creative flow and challenging for all abilities. Routes are reset on a monthly basis at Shasta Rock Club, celebrated each time with a climbing competition. We have an amazing team of eight route setters that work hard to keep our routes fresh and versatile, and we are committed to staying relevant with creative route-setting.

Our routes / boulder problems begin at V0 grade and progress to V9 currently. We hope to see climbers reaching V12 grade routes, a difficult achievement that requires committed training. Our routes are set according to the color of hold, creating a clean look on our walls. 


All routes have a Tag bolted next to the starting holds of the route. Whatever color the holds are indicates the route. The Tag will be a color and shape below which communicates if it's a Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Local Hero, Pro, and Legend. 

Please let us know how we are doing, we love your feedback! We take pride in our routes and want to offer dynamic and enjoyable challenges to our members & guests.