Crux Climbing League Launch

September 21st @ 6-9pm

Mandatory event with league overview and choosing teams. Pizza and drinks will be provided.


Crux Climbing League is designed for 11-18 year olds, beginner to advanced climbers, girls and guys. Basically a local Rec League for climbing teams to practice and compete at SRC. This year's league is new and improved from last year. Mark your calendar, September 21 @ 6pm-9pm. This is a mandatory event for signing up and choosing teams. 



Season (2019 - 2020)

  • October 1 - February 28


  • 11 - 18 years olds


  • Teams will be announced after the Crux Launch Night (September 21st @ 6pm)

Practice Schedule 

  • TBA


  • (November, December, January, February)


  • Initiation Fee: $25

  • Individual Monthly Membership: $65 / month (auto-pay only)

Upcoming Events

  • Crux Climbing League Launch: September 21st @ 6-9pm (includes pizza, drinks and League preview)

  • October 1st - First week of practice