Shasta Rock Club Update

Hi Climbers,

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful spring weather! It has been in our heart to give an update on our expansion project. We have been hoping for concrete, positive news to communicate, however here is a look into the progress of our next steps...  

The Building: Over the past month, we have been negotiating with an organization about collaborating and leasing 5,000 sqft of their building. The space was in a great location and would suit SRC quite well, however today we received news that this opportunity was not best for their vision. Although we are disappointed, we believe doors close for a reason, and a better option is around the corner.

Plan B: In the meantime, we made an offer on another building, which is also in a great location. Today we will be submitting a counter offer, and expect to hear back fairly soon.

Our Goal: To open our doors as soon as possible, but more importantly, build SRC to last. We are looking for a building that will give us the opportunity to grow and thrive now and in the future. Finding what’s best for now, may not be what’s best in 10 years. Thank you for being patient with us in the midst of this project. Your support and encouragement has been appreciated and received!  

We are committed to improving Shasta Rock Club. Our team will continue to refine our systems, upgrade our programs, and embrace exciting changes for when our doors open again. We are viewing this time as a blessing in disguise. Be on the lookout for events, as we aim to keep the community connected and the momentum going. We are stoked to climb with you again soon!

Much love,

Shasta Rock Club