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Welcome to Climbfit!

Our “ClimbFit Class” will be centered around strength, power, and conditioning work which mimics the movements of climbing. Through a systematic approach to programming, the class will follow the progression of: endurance - strength - power - power endurance - and back to endurance... each stage lasting approximately 4 weeks as to allow the body to adapt to these changes fully.  So what can you expect?

We will focus heavily on:

  • Core strength & endurance
  • Pulling strength & power
  • Finger contact & development

Through the use of many standard climbing tools such as:

  • finger boards
  • campus board
  • Pegboard
  • H.I.T. system
  • climbing wall 4x4’s
  • TRX
  • gymnastic rings
  • rock rings
  • Body weight movements

We aim to develop each climber for optimal fitness and climbing performance!

Earlier Event: January 30
Later Event: January 31
After School Club