Shasta Rock Club is a team of individuals who are passionate about life, people, and adventure. We love what we do. The SRC team is comprised of experienced climbers who are ready to introduce you to the sport of climbing and committed to helping you grow. Stop by the gym, we want to know you and hear your story. 



Benjamin was born and raised in Roanoke, VA where his father introduced him to the outdoors at a young age. His experience growing up on a farm, working with his hands, and cultivating a strong work ethic have inspired the beginnings of Shasta Rock Club. After high school he moved to Boone, North Carolina where he graduated from Appalachian State University with a Degree in Bouldering he likes to say- as he spent most of his time rock climbing at the Red River Gorge, New River Gorge, and many of the surrounding areas in the Southeast. His true Degree is in Construction Management with Minor in Business.

Following college he started down the 9-5 corporate career path in Raleigh, NC, but found himself unfulfilled. Driving 8-10 hours every weekend to go climbing, he was convinced there was something more to life.  After being laid off from a construction management position, he sold his house and began a new journey in pursuit of his dreams.

Since then he has travelled to Costa Rica five times surfing and helping the poor, lived in Kentucky climbing his heart out at the Red River Gorge, directed surf camps in North Carolina and California, rode in the back of a police car in London with a bullet proof vest chasing bad guys, built houses for the poor in Mexico, surfed the "Mexican Pipeline", summited Mount Shasta in a day, built a high ropes course in New Jersey, climbed 5.13, started a photography business, and drove across the country with three bags and a lot of faith. Since 2010, Redding has been home. The adventure continues as he just got married in November 2014 to a beautiful California girl. Today, Benjamin is committed to seeing Redding thrive. His heart is full of compassion for community, life, adventure and health. 


Operations Director

Alex was born in the "heart" of the country in the state of Ohio. In 2011, Alex ventured to Northern California to pursue adventure, community and a compelling future. On a missions trip to Thailand a year later, Alex fell in love with the sport and intrigue of rock climbing. Shortly thereafter, the story continued when he married his Micronesian island dream girl. Alex is passionate about the outdoors, mountains, and trail running. He has a heart for community, adventure, health, and business. Recently, he competed in a half-marathon through the Avenue of the Giants in the Redwood National Forest. In 2015, Alex plans to run another 13.1 mile race in San Francisco and summit Mt. Shasta. 


Youth Director

Isaia was born and raised in the great state of Alaska. Where his inspiration for all things outdoors and in the mountains comes from. His interest in climbing began when he took a road trip to Yosemite with some friends back in the summer of 2012 to behold Yosemite's mighty towering walls, and from there the rest is history. His best climb thus far is the famous "Crank Whore" 5.11a at the Shredding Limestone and has goals to compete this year in a rock climbing competition. Isaia has a big heart for community and seeing people become who they are created to be. He also loves going after things that challenge and scare him, feeding his adventurous side. Other things that he loves besides climbing is good food, napping, and the Jimmy Fallon Show. 


Trainer / Route Setter

Born and raised in Bakersfield, CA. Logan enjoyed just about every activity there was to offer. It wasn't until he discovered rock climbing that everything changed. Logan found climbing 10 years ago and hasn't slowed since his first day touching stone! Logan enjoys all disciplines of climbing, but it always drawn back to the simplicity and individual interaction of bouldering. Travel and climbing on multiple continents some of his favorite places still to go are where it all began. Joshua Tree, Bishop and the Kern River Canyon are 3 places you are likely to find him pulling down. Logan has bouldered multiple v10's and is constantly training to take that next step. With an equal passion for finding and developing new areas as well as pushing others to find there true potential and joy in this great activity.


After School Program

Megan Fullmer was born on Catalina Island off the coast of California near the city of LA.

She grew up in Northern California where every summer she went on backpacking trips with her family, and spent days playing outside, hiking through old mines, and swimming in rivers, which is where the love of being outside started. She came to Redding in 2015 to be closer to family and ended up connecting at the Shasta Rock club where she tried rock climbing for the first time. She enjoys learning more about rock climbing every day and being able to see the growth and strength that comes from pushing and trying new things. 

Megan loves traveling, in 2014 she spent three months living in Uganda Africa, serving elderly, loving on orphans, teaching in schools, and being impacted by their lives. She has been all over the United States, and in 2015 visited Yosemite for the first time and hiked Half Dome. Some other things Megan likes is photography, family, yoga, Ben Howard, and healthy food. 

She has a heart for people, she cares about each person individually and wants to see them know they are loved and special for who they are. She loves encouraging others and finding beauty in the ordinary. 

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After School Program

Hillary is a 6th generation Kansas native.  Growing up in the flat lands, Hillary would often be found wading into her neighbor’s coy pond, exploring drainage ditches, and running through wooded patches of Kansas City and Topeka.  In 2009 Hillary moved to Central Virginia with her family, and quickly found herself at home in the blue ridge mountains.  Her childhood dream to rock climb became a reality.  After her freshman year of college, Hillary left her government and philosophy classes for a season, and took to the woods.  Participating in an Outdoor Leadership and Discipleship semester, Hillary’s passion for adventure was reawakened through backpacking, white water rafting, wilderness medicine, and sea kayaking.  Returning back to school, Hillary continued to pursue her passions through further wilderness medicine education, and by working as a climbing coach and river guide. Her latest adventure has been a cross-country move to Northern California with her dog, Simcha. She is excited to continue growing in her passions for life, healing, and adventure in the Shasta Rock Club community.